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Unique Honey Favors

Sharing a love that’s “sweeter than honey” is cause for celebration. That’s why your guests will love every part of your wedding, especially the personalized jar of wildflower honey you’ll be giving them. Our natural honey is the unique honey favor you’ve been searching for. Adding this sweet touch to your special day will give your guests something to buzz about and will be a gourmet gift that they will enjoy long after you’ve left for your honeymoon. And now shipping is only $9.99 to locations within the Continental US (lower 48) for your unique Honey Favor! For this offer please see full shipping details in each favors’ description.

Labels & Tags

Many of our brides have added labels, tags, and ribbons to their honey wedding favors, to add a personalized touch. We offer personalized labels with sayings such as: Meant To Bee, Sweet as Honey, Sweeter Than Honey, Mary’s Bridal Shower, or words that reflect your custom Wedding Favor theme. In addition we offer unique, personalized Tags by Lisa, a wonderful graphic artist, with sayings such as: Sweet as can Bee, Sweet as Honey, Perfectly Sweet and many more! We will work with you to get your wedding favor exactly right. Your unique honey wedding favor is only a click away.

Spring Wildflower Honey

All of our Favors come bottled with our Spring Wildflower Honey. Our Spring Wildflower honey is light in color and mild in flavor and is made from the nectars the honeybees collect from early Spring and into early July. It looks quite spectacular in our glass favor jars.

Kosher Honey

All of our honeys are certified Kosher! We are under the hashgacha (rabbinical supervision) of Rabbi Lisa S. Malik, Ph.D. of Aberdeen, NJ

Honey Makes a Great Favor for Special Occasions

You’ll be relieved to know that E+M Wedding Favors works fast to deliver custom honey favors in beautiful jars that are: unique, delicious, useful and will be appreciated by your guests. Our Honey Favors are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate gifts and any special occasion that needs an extra touch of sweetness!

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