Beeswax Candle Favors

Beeswax Wedding & Baby Shower Favors

Our beeswax candle favors are perfect as a natural Honey scented gift for your guests and perfect favor for your celebration. Our all-natural, dripless and smokeless ‘honeybee-‘ scented candles come in a variety of styles, including our mini heart floating candles, our beeswax  skep candles and bear hugging skep candles giving you the choice of size and shape – as well as the option to offer single candle favors or to group several together — as the perfect favors for your celebration.

When guests discover a pretty beeswax candle at their place setting, or on display at the party, they’re very happy to breathe in that ‘honeybee’ scent, and whenever they light their candle back home, they’re automatically reminded of the very special time spent with friends and family. Your Wedding or Baby Shower lives on in their memory, while their NJ beeswax candle calms them after a long day.

In surveys listing the most popular wedding favors, candles always come out at the top, since they are a gift that pleases the senses, cleans the air in the home, and provides multiple uses. There’s no guilt in enjoying them (like there might be with a frosted brownie or baked treat,) and there’s no worry about a delicate wedding favor breaking during their travels home. And Beeswax Candle favors are perfect to DIY decorate!