Beeswax Wedding Candles

Beeswax Taper Wedding CandlesIlluminate your wedding décor and create special, beautiful moments on your big day with our Beeswax Wedding Candles in your choice of five styles. Wedding décor trends, and the most breathtaking wedding photos on Instagram, bridal blogs and Pinterest, feature gorgeous candles adding a beautiful glow to the wedding setting. When candles are burning in a wedding tablescape, every glass and metallic décor detail on that table shimmers and stands out, looking all the more elegant, and candle glow creates a romantic feel to your wedding setting.

Our Beeswax Wedding Candles can line the centers of long guest tables in your wedding venue, cluster elegantly as a round table centerpiece or on fireplace mantels, glow from glass lanterns and hurricane lamps, and transform any location into a stunning and magical wedding setting.

As part of the wedding ceremony, our beeswax taper candles and beeswax pillar candles may become your wedding unity candles, symbolic candles for parents to light, candles for religious wedding rituals, and our teardrop candles join tapers and pillar candles to add beauty and softness to a memorial display for departed loved ones as well as adding coordinated candle beauty to your family photos table or other special displays.

Our Beeswax Wedding Candles create so much beauty for a wedding, as well as for bridal shower décor and for special celebrations like anniversary parties that may involve special candle-lighting ceremonies to symbolize many happy years together and the glow of enduring love.

As gifts, our Beeswax Wedding Candles make perfect gifts for those helpful people who play such an important part on your wedding day, such as those who perform readings or music, greeters, and other honored roles, and they’re also ideal thank-you gifts for your wedding professionals’ assistants, volunteer drivers and others.

We invite you to click on our five al-natural, dripless, smokeless, long-lasting NJ beeswax wedding candle styles to envision how they will accent your wedding, shower, or party. As always, we remind you to plan your wedding candle and party candle décor with safety in mind, placing them in safe vessels and never leaving burning candles unattended.