Kate’s Confirmation Honey Favors

Confirmation Honey Favors

We love Pauline’s story about her daughter’s Confirmation honey favors, and we’re very impressed with the invitation, menu and print items that Pauline, a graphic designer, created! “I think Ed and Mary at E+M Honey Favors like our favors because they were a bit different by being a Confirmation favor vs. a wedding or baby shower favor. Also, there was nothing more appropriate for this event than gifting honey!

“My daughter, Kate, chose St. Abigail as her Confirmation name for the simple reason of liking the name. Coincidentally, St. Abigail’s origins are from a small village about 10 miles from where her grandfather grew up in County Cork, Ireland. St. Abigail was the patron saint of Honey Bees and used honey for healing purposes.”

Pauline very wonderfully sent us a bio about St. Abigail to share more of the story. “It was important to Kate that the honey come from a local apiary in New Jersey and not imported, as eating local honey is said to have medicinal qualities with regard to seasonal allergies.

The favors were displayed on a separate table for guests to pick up on their way out.

“We’ve discovered over the last few weeks that Bees are suddenly very trendy. Kate Spade and other designers are now featuring Bees in this season’s collections of jewelry, handbags and clothing. My daughter Kate feels so chic having chosen such a trendy theme!”

Thank you again, Pauline, for sharing your E+M honey favors story with us, and we’re excited as well that Bees are on-trend in fashion! We applaud your daughter for caring about buying local NJ honey, and we’re so happy to have played a part in Kate’s special day.

“Ordering with “E&M” was a delight. Communication/Order-confirmation was punctual and informative and it was charming to receive a personal note with the order that wished us well on our event.” — Pauline

Confirmation Honey Favor

Confirmation Invitation

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