DIY Wedding Favor Pros and Cons

Decide Whether or Not to DIY Your Wedding Favors

As we continue with your guide to finding the perfect wedding favor, we arrive at Step 3- DIY Wedding Favor Pros and Cons; deciding whether or not you’d like to get creative with your wedding favors by making or accenting them yourself. As you might know (if you’re a crafter or have ever DIY’d party favors or décor in the past,) a DIY project may sound like a great idea at the start, but then you have to face the expense of materials, learn or brush up on your craft-making skills, and find the time to make your projects. You will either love it, or find it frustrating, depending on your choice of DIY project.

Before we get into the important questions to ask to help you decide if you’ll DIY your projects, let’s first consider what you might like to do for your DIY favors:

  • Calligraphy
  • Graphic design of monograms, images, crests, etc.
  • Watercolors
  • Tulle pouch assembly of baked items, candies, honey, candles, etc.
  • Plantings
  • Personalized coasters
  • Other:

(Keep in mind, you don’t have to make your favors. Your DIY project can simply be accenting your purchased favors, like adding personalized labels and tags and wrapping them and tying them with ribbon or jute.)

Made your choice? Have some ideas in mind? Great! Here is a snippet from the E+M Wedding Favors essential guide to choosing your wedding favors, all about deciding whether or not to DIY your Wedding favors:

Many brides opt for creating their own wedding favors. Whether they choose a completely handcrafted gift or simply assemble the pieces, the do-it-yourself option holds a lot of appeal. Some brides and grooms feel the DIY approach adds a touch of personality to each gift. Some choose to do it themselves to save money, while others just love the idea of getting a group of friends and family together for a fun evening of wedding favor assembly.

Before you make a commitment one way or the other, consider these points:

  • Your own creativity quotient. Some people are naturally artistic and crafty, while some are not. If you are, then great, but don’t try to force yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit – it will only end in frustration.
  • Your available time. Plan on adding a couple of weeks to your wedding favor timeline if you choose the DIY approach.
  • Your budget. Depending on the level of personalization, creating your own wedding favors can help save on costs. It can also get quickly out of hand though, as costs for your project add up, so be sure to carefully compare all your options before settling on do-it-yourself favors strictly for monetary reasons.
  • Your availability. Planning a wedding is a time-intensive endeavor, and the more you pile on your plate, the more pressed for time (and stressed out) you will be. Avoid taking on too much, just because you think you should.
  • Your organizational skills. Creating your own favors will require you to find and order all the little bits and pieces, then track shipping to ensure they all arrive on time. What’s more, if you’ll group-DIY your favors, you’ll have to get friends and family together in one place to help you assemble them. If organization and project management are not your strengths, you might want to consider opting for ready-made favors instead.

If you do decide to take the do-it-yourself approach, make a party out of it. Invite your bridesmaids over for an evening of wine, cheese, and chocolate, and dive into wedding favor creation. You’ll all enjoy a bit of fun and relaxation amid all the chaos of planning a wedding, and get your favors done in one sitting.

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