Heart Shaped Favor Tags & Hang Tags

Heart Shaped Tags for Wedding FavorsOne of our Brides-to-Bee in 2010 used Microsoft Word to create Heart shaped Favor Tags for her Bridal Shower; she said it was really easy to do. This is a good example of what we have found in working with over 700 Brides-to-Bees the last six years – that about a third of our Brides liked to create their own DIY Wedding Favor Tags and complete their favor decorations.

Here are directions for creating a Heart Shaped Favor Tag.

  1. First open a new document in Microsoft Word
  2. Using the Toolbox add the Heart shape to your doc
  3. Adjust the size of the heart shape
  4. Decide on the color of the heart shape
  5. Add the dotted outline to the heart shape
  6. Create text boxes with your custom wording
  7. Create your custom bee clip art
  8. Add the completed text boxes & bee art to the heart
  9. Print out the heart tag on thick stock paper
  10. Cut out the individual heart tags
  11. Punch a hole in the tags
  12. Tie the tags with ribbon or raffia

Please note we used Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac- if you use a different version of Word some of the toolbox terminology may be different.

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