Homemade-DIY Honey Jar Wedding Favor Ideas

We’re pleased to help with your DIY favor plans, offering you this collection of our customers’ beautiful, sweet and sentimental honey jar wedding favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors and favors from other special celebrations, made all the more wonderful through the personal touches and the loving care put into them. DIY wedding favors are a terrific way to personalize your party, and there’s much fun to be had in the making of budget-friendly, DIY favors!

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You Can Start planning your Homemade-DIY Honey Jar Wedding Favors!

We’re happy to help you create the perfect, personalized favors for your event:First, choose your NJ Raw Honey Favor jar style and shape, and know that a top trend in wedding favors and shower favors is offering a variety of wedding favor styles so that your guests can choose their own preferences.

Next, decide if you’d like to make your own wedding favors, or if – like many of our E+M Wedding favor customers – you’ll plan a DIY wedding favor-making party so that your friends and family can join in the fun of making the favors for your celebration.

Once you have the basics decided, it’s time to get creative with the design and accents of your DIY honey jar favors. Here are some of our most popular DIY honey jar favorite ideas and inspirations:


  • Choose ribbons in your wedding’s or party’s color scheme
  • Choose ribbons coordinated to the colors you’d like on your favor labels
  • Choose ribbons coordinated to the color of the pure honey in your honey wedding favor jars
  • Choose ribbons that go with the season of your party, such as velvet ribbon for a winter wedding
  • Choose lace ribbon for a romantic-theme engagement party, wedding, bridal shower or other celebration
  • Choose jute cord or twine for a rustic-themed wedding or party
  • Choose a patterned ribbon that matches the motif on your wedding favor label

You Can Start planning your Homemade-DIY Honey Jar Wedding Favors!

Labels and Tags:

  • Design customized wedding favor labels and tags to bring your personality and theme into your honey jar favor style
  • Choose wording to go with a Bee-themed favor: “Meant to Bee” or “Bee-utiful!” works with a bee-themed wedding or party
  • Choose wording to go with a Honey-themed favor: “Love is Sweet” “Sweet as honey” and “You Are Golden to Us!” works with a honey-themed wedding or party
  • Other bee-centric wording includes “Glad you Can Bee With Us Today” “Thanks for Bee-ing Here Today!” and “We’re Abuzz for the Big Day!”
  • Choose from the adorable Tags available from our graphic designer
  • Print your favorite love quotes, marriage quotes, baby quotes and happiness quotes on your wedding favor labels or tags
  • Print a favorite line from ‘your song’ on your wedding favor tag or label
  • Print tags on Kraft paper to go with a rustic-themed party, or on glossy, colorful paper stock to match your party décor.
  • Include a favorite honey recipe on your honey jar favor tag

** We love the idea of making a few separate, personalized labels to affix to jars set aside for your sweetheart, for family members and close friends, a VIP collection of personalized wedding honey favors!

Tie-Ons and Other DIY Favor ideas:

  • Using ribbon, tie on one or more of our old-fashioned wooden honey dippers
  • Using ribbon, tie on a baggie of our honey candies 
  • Using ribbon, tie on a baggie of traditional wedding Jordan almonds
  • Using ribbon, tie on a baggie of colorful candies to match your wedding colors or party colors
  • Using ribbon, tie on a mini spoon for stirring honey into a favorite beverage
  • Wrap each honey favor jar in tulle, tied with a ribbon for a pretty ‘wrapped gift’ effect
  • Wrap each honey favor jar in printed fabric for a pretty ‘wrapped gift’ effect

Place Setting and Display Ideas

Place your honey jar favors at each guests’ place setting, or display them with a ‘take one’ sign that you’ve also DIY’d at the door to your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or celebration, and guests will find their sweet treat waiting for them, so easy to take home.

We hear from our E+M Wedding Favors clients that when our honey jar favors are offered at their party, there’s rarely one honey favor jar left behind at the end of the party! Guests love being treated to our delicious, natural NJ honeys, and they definitely appreciate a pretty DIY favor!

Start planning your Homemade-DIY Honey Jar Wedding Favors!

" The jars are amazing. I added burlap and twine to complete my rustic feel . The honey is local and doesn't use chemicals . It was a double win for me."