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Honey Wedding Favor Ideas

We have offered Honey Jar Wedding Favors for the last 10 years. During that time over half of our 1,700 Brides have opted to decorate their honey wedding favors and we have been impressed with how nice these DIY Favors really are.

From our Brides we have received over 100 Honey Jar Wedding Favor photos, which have documented the marvelous and creative ways they have approached their DIY decorating; from bright yellow and green fabric custom lid covers to crocheting bags for every single favor.

The Honey Wedding Favor photos our brides share with us can really be quite good – and the brides have taken, for the most part, these photos after they just have finished their decorating. At times we receive pro photos but the bride or family members have taken most of  this photos.

We do get last minute favor requests and in those situations we jump in and create labels for their favors. And yes we also create labels for orders that are placed four weeks before their “special day”.

But our brides have created heart shaped tags in Microsoft Word, applied their own labels and then placed their favor in organza bags, added their favors along with a beeswax candles in clear gift boxes, used their DIY tags for seating assignments, tied wooden buttons and butterfly/bee buttons to their DIY tags, covered their Honey Jar Favor lids with burlap, and added small pendants to their organza bags.

And do we receive photos which show how the jars are arranged on the table and how they fit in with their designed table setting plus we have received photos which show how they creatively display their favors for their guests to pick up as they arrive and as they depart the dinning area.

You can review a large number our brides’ photos of their honey jar wedding favor decorations and Honey Favors being displayed at:

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/emweddingfavors/

Our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/emweddingfavors/

Our Homemade-DIY Honey Favors DIY Ideas page: https://emweddingfavors.com/homemade-diy-honey-jar-wedding-favor-ideas/

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