Honey Wedding Favor Ideas

Honey Favor Ideas from our Brides to Bees

Thank you for visiting our Honey Wedding Favor Ideas page! We’re pleased to help with your favor plans, offering you this photo collection of some of our customers’ beautiful, sweet and sentimental honey jar wedding favors and bridal shower favors; made all the more wonderful through the personal touches and the loving care put into them. DIY wedding favors are a terrific way to personalize your party, and there’s much fun to be had in the making of budget-friendly, DIY favors! And thanks to all of our Bride-to-Bees who shared their DIY Honey Wedding Favors and Bridal Shower Honey Favor photos with us!

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We hear from our E+M Wedding Favors clients that when our honey jar favors are offered at their party, there’s rarely one honey favor jar left behind at the end of the party! Guests love being treated to our delicious, natural NJ honeys, and they definitely appreciate a pretty DIY favor created by you!

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