Kate and Trevor’s Honey Jar Wedding Favors Story

Skep Candle & 2 oz. Honey Hex jar

We’re so pleased to share Kate and Trevor’s Honey Jar Wedding Favors story, about their fabulous Honey Jar Favor ‘pairing’ idea: “My husband (Trevor) and I chose E+M Wedding favors for several reasons. The first is that we did not want to give a typical favor that our guests would look at once and throw away; we wanted something they could actually use. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love candles, and adding a small jar of honey seemed perfect! We also wanted our gift to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The fact that we also supported a local small business made the choice even better! The Honey Jar Favors were displayed after dinner at the entrance of Rat’s Restaurant (where our reception was) so that our guests could take them as they were leaving.”

We wish this happy couple, a fabulous ‘pair’ themselves, every happiness in their life together!

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