Beeswax Mini-Heart Floating Candles

Floating Beeswax Candles on the Rome River

Recently we received an inquiry from a future bride to be. She wanted to know how many wedding beeswax mini-heart floating candles would be required to fill a 16×34 foot pool at her wedding reception venue. This reminded us of a similar request we received about five years ago.

A woman in Rome, Georgia placed a small order for our floating beeswax candles; she wanted to test them in the Rome River to see how long they would float while staying lit. The test was successful and she ordered an additional 1,000 floating candles.

beeswax floating heart candles
Beeswax Mini Floating Heart Candles

It turns out that three local church congregations were co-hosting a diversification ceremony. The idea was that our candles would be lit and placed in the river, from each church location along the river, during the early evening. As night fell the floating candles slowly would flow along the river path – eventually coming together at the center of town while still lit. What a wonderful site the floating candles must have presented as the sun finally set. The following year an additional 1,000 floating candles were ordered from us.

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