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 We have been offering New Jersey Beekeeper Honey Favors for over 12 years. It all began Twelve years ago when five of our regular Honey customers asked if we could create a Honey Favor for their special event. Since that year, offering NJ Honey Favors has become a big part of our business.

But this last March all of our NJ Beekeeper Honey Favors sales for Weddings, Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, Anniversaries and special events virtually disappeared  because of the Pandemic. And During the entire month of March, our customers contacted us to either cancel their Honey Favor order or to reschedule their event date to late 2020 or 2021. And from April to August there was not one Honey Favor inquiry or order over phone or over the Internet- zilch!

Getting our Beehives ready for NJ Honey Production

This did not mean we were not busy. Every year by the end of March, we always begin getting our 100 Beehives ready for the upcoming major May nectar flow. This entails inspecting all our hives coming out of the winter and  repositioning equipment where needed. Then, if necessary, we replace queens in hives that are not growing fast enough and feed hives that need help. As we get closer to May we add equipment as the hives grew and then begin adding Honey Frames for the May 15th nectar flow. From May 15th to the middle of July we are busy harvesting and extracting our NJ Local Honey.

While we were getting our bees ready in April and early May, we experienced the worst early Spring weather conditions in 10 years. There was so much rain and the early Spring temperature was so much cooler than normal. Around the end of April our hives began swarming, which is nature’s way to propagate the Honeybee race. But this swarming was the worst we had seen in years.

Fortunately, the wet weather ceased by May 15th and our honeybees, every day, brought in fresh local nectar until the the middle of July – and they produced a great honey crop – what a relief!

Getting our Hives ready for the Winter

Around the end of July, we began getting our Honeybees ready for the winter but around this time our 1st new Honey Favor orders, in 5 months, began coming in. They have been small orders, anywhere from 10 Honey Favors up to 70 Honey Favors. Overwhelming the orders have been for Baby Shower Favors. And at this same time, we began receiving Honey Favor quote requests for event dates in early and late 2021 for Weddings and Baby Showers. 


NJ Beekeeper Honey Favors 

Our NJ Beekeeper Honey Favor sales are slowly turning around.
And We are here, in 22nd year, for your Anniversary, Communion, Baptism, Birthday, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower and Sweet 16 events!


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