NJ Honey Jar Favors with Health Benefits

While we aren’t allergy specialists, nor are we doctors, we do hear from our E + M Wedding Favors Brides that our raw NJ Honey Jar Favors helps alleviate their allergy symptoms. Much has been researched and written about the natural health benefits of pure honey, from boosting energy to soothing a sore throat and more. So as you consider NJ raw Honey Jar Favors for your wedding favors, bridal shower favors, party favors and gifts, it may very well matter to you that your honey favor or gift comes with more benefits than just being a delicious, fresh and crowd-pleasing take-away.

Here’s a little bit of fascinating insight on the natural benefits of honey, straight from the National Honey Board:


And here is some additional reading about the natural benefits of honey:




If honey is one of your go-to natural solutions for your allergies, sore throat or low energy, we’d love to hear your story! Comment here, or Tweet us at @emweddingfavors.

BTW you can view how some of our 1,000 plus Brides have decorated their NJ Honey Jar Favors at emweddingfavors.com/homemade-honey-jar-wedding-favors-ideas/.

“Bride to Bee” Bridal Shower Favor Photo: Katherine, thank you for sharing with us!

NJ Honey Jar Favors with Health Benefits
NJ Honey Jar Favors with Health Benefits

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