Chris’s Real DIY Baby Shower Favor Project

Heather and Jeff’s baby shower featured E +M Wedding Favors, and we’re so pleased to share details from Chris Montemurro, whose son Jeff was the father-to-be. Chris put a lot of effort into personalizing the couple’s baby shower favors, and we have to applaud how beautifully this real DIY baby shower favor project turned out!

Chris says, “I chose E+M Wedding favors because they were a local honey producer in NJ. After speaking with Mary the first time I knew this was the company I wanted to deal with. She is very kind and professional. Plus the knowledge that she has about the whole honey process and shared with me was very much appreciated. Mary and Ed were very accommodating with the pick-up of the honey jars. The weather in NJ is very unstable in March and we didn’t know with the impending snow storm if we would get there to pick up the favors. So we called and we just had an ice storm and Ed and Mary were out in the driveway breaking up the ice in their driveway to accommodate us.”

“I chose the mini mason jar with the handle because Heather really likes mason jars. A sticker was created on the computer which said Jeff & Heather’s Little Honey Is Due 5-2-15 (Giuliana was born on April 28th.) Then — this was the hard part — I layered three different ribbons on top of each other. The first was a piece of sheer yellow ribbon the second was a thinner piece of burlap ribbon and the top layer was a yellow ribbon that said baby shower with baby pins in a green ink. The layered ribbon was then glued around the middle of the jar through the handle. Then to give it the finishing touch, I found green thin twine and a small metal bee charm and tied them around the neck of the jar. Everyone loved them and I have to say my Mother was a big help with putting these together.”

“One jar of honey was placed at each place setting which looked really nice when the guest came into the party room. If I do this again I would have someone hand out the jars when the people are leaving because if there were any empty spots at the tables the people took the extras for themselves.”

“Everyone loved the favors and the Mom-to-Bee was so happy with them especially because it was a mason jar.”

“Mary and Ed are great people. The honey was a great color, very clear and the taste was above and beyond. Thank you Mary and Ed for all you did with this project.”

“The photos were taken by me, but to be honest the pictures don’t do them justice. They were much nicer in person.”


Chris's real DIY Baby Shower Favor Project

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