Selecting the Perfect Wedding Favor

2 ounce hex jar - honey favorConsider whats important to you when your are selecting the perfect wedding favor. It’s your day, and you get to design it, right down to the smallest details. Will you choose a casual ceremony at the beach, or a formal affair conducted in a cathedral? Will you show your concern for the environment by serving only locally grown, organic dishes, or opt for a larger-than-life extravaganza kicked off with a foie gras appetizer? Want to show your whimsical side with a Cinderella-themed reception, or will you stick with a more traditional style?

Every choice becomes a reflection of your personality, your style, and even your values. The wedding favors you select must match not only the wedding itself, but you, personally.

Some things to consider when selecting your wedding favors include:

  • Your wedding’s overall theme or tone. Is it formal or casual? Traditional or contemporary? First marriage or second? Do you have a theme?
  • Your personal values. Do you feel strongly about animal rights or the environment? Do you support any particular charities? Are you environmentally or socially conscious? Do you prefer to buy only local or organic foods? Would you like to make a statement, or do you just want to have fun?
  • Your budget. As we said, the average amount spent on wedding favors in 2011 was just over $200. Your budget may be larger or smaller, but it’s important to know what it is before going shopping.
  • Your available time and energy. Some couples choose to create their own wedding favors, while others prefer a ready-made option. The DIY approach requires a little more planning and a bit more work on your part, but it can be rewarding.
  • Finally, don’t forget to consider the guests themselves. Will they be expecting a particular item due to longstanding family tradition? Will most be from out of town, making something with a local spin more meaningful? Or will they find more value in a simple, handcrafted item?

Taking a look at the big picture and how your wedding favors will complement your day is an important first step in choosing the perfect favor.

Download our free 19-page guide How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Favor in 5 Easy Steps. Our handy guide tells you what to consider, how to choose between DIY or premade & even has an awesome chart so you can compare apples to apples.

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