Winter Honey Favor Photos

Here are additional Winter Honey Favor photos which our Brides-to-Bees and Mommies-to-Bees have recently shared with us. We had a very good 2014, working with over 200 Brides and producing close to 5,000 pounds of honey. And because of your fantastic support we received our 4th-year-in-a-row The Best of Knot Wedding 2015 award and a brand new WeddingWire 2015 Couples Choice Award. And we even worked with our 1,000th Bride!

We really love receiving your Honey Favor Photos so please keep sending them to us.

For the following Honey Favor Photos our thanks go to:

Michelle, Gina, Amy, Rouhi, Cheryl, Paula, Carmela, Deborah and Jenny

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